SIP trunking solution

This service is the leading SIP trunking solution in the UK market, connecting your site directly into the Black Sheep Network using an IP circuit to carry and terminate your voice calls across the public telephone network.

It can either replace or complement your current ISDN, and is designed to work successfully with all the leading IP PBX brands in the UK market. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your PBX hardware works with the network service.

Compared to ISDN, SIP Trunks are cheaper on a per channel basis, more flexible in terms of what telephone numbers you can have, and quicker to install. When installed together with ISDN it offers a very robust business continuity service, where two completely different technical solutions can be used together to carry your calls.

What are the benefits of SIP Trunks?

  • FREE calls between your sites and lower cost calls overall compared to traditional telephony.
  • Lower cost than ISDN, number presentation is included in the price, and DDI ranges are competitively priced.
  • Scaleable on a per channel basis unlike ISDN where you order in units of two. 
  • Easy to order and provision
  • Very flexible in terms of numbering. You can work from London on a Leeds number or vice versa. You can have 5 different geographical numbers on the same line to present a “UK wide” image without the overhead of different locations 
  • Offers full emergency services support 
  • Complements a converged network with lower costs and simplified architecture 
  • A full IP phone service – we provide the router, installation, ip connectivity, phone numbers, and on going service.

What types of business should use a SIP Trunk Solution?

Businesses looking to move premises out of the local area who want to keep the number without paying for expensive call forwarding type services.

Companies looking to have disaster recovery measures in place where SIP Trunk can back up ISDN, or vice-versa, to provide a resilient phone service to cope with any emergency.

International businesses linking offices with SIP Trunks and taking advantage of free internal calls from one office to another.

Customer service driven businesses where a local presence is important across the UK, and multiple UK numbers can be delivered into one single service centre.

SIP Trunking is suitable for a wide range of businesses through from small to large Enterprises & Government organisations