How it works

Advantage of our hosted VoIP system in terms of flexibility, low costs and easy to use VoIP web interface.

What you would need

All you need is a subscription on our hosted VoIP solution, a broadband connection and a VoIP enabled handset or alternatively an analogue telephone adapter (ATA).

What else is needed?

Black Sheep does recommend that you install a voice dedicated broadband for 5 users (handsets) or more. This will run alongside your current broadband allowing us to deliver quality of service and to keep the telephone network independent from the computer network.

But before you are ready to go you will need to either port your numbers or choose brand new Incoming Number from our list of over 4 million.


Access to Emergency Services is provided but calls including emergency calls to 999 or 112, made via Broadband Voice may not work in the event of power or broadband connection failure. These failures may be caused by reasons outside our control.

You will need to make sure that you have set the correct address for emergency calls corresponding to the location of your voip phone or handset where calls being made from.

In failure to do so, may put your life and others life at risk when emergency service is needed. If this is not the correct location where you are using the service you can update it by calling us on: 01273 914040.